The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) today gave laboratory accreditation certificate ISO/IEC: 17025 to the Leather Industry Development Institute of Ethiopia (LIDIE). 

State Minister of Trade Tadesse Haile Receiving the Certificate February 28, 2011 Addis Ababa - Photo

This second phase accreditation that LIDIE received this evening (February 28, 2011) at the Hilton Addis, will enable its laboratory to certify leather and leather products of local companies who produce for international market.  

The process took more than a year with the financial and technical support from the Government of Italy and the United Nations Industry Development Organization (UNIDO).

“By accrediting the institute we confirm their laboratory’s competency to do product testing locally,” said Mpho Phaloane, Senior Manager at SANAS, mechanical and physical section, after handing over the certificate. SANAS accredited the institute’s laboratory after checking its facility, system, methods equipments and professionals.

Government of Ethiopia has budgeted one and half million US dollars for the expansion of laboratory of the institute. To maintain its current quality and continuously improve its services, the institute is expected to pay up to 80,000 US dollars every year to SANAS.

“Accreditation is not something you do for profit. If we haven’t been able to get subsidy from the South African government and other donors, we would have charged four times higher like other European accreditation firms,” Mr. Phaloane told

State Minister of Trade Tadesse Haile who received the certificate on his part noted that accreditation of the institute is a significant step and enables the country to produce internationally competent products. 

It will save the time and resources, which companies used to spend to certify their products by traveling abroad, according to Tadesse. 

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